Parks Masterplan

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2022 Parks, Open Space and Trails Master Plan

The Lake Dallas City Council recognizes the direct impact that parks and recreational facilities have on the quality of life for the citizens and desired a plan for the development of a park system that is capable of supporting the expected recreational needs of the community as it approaches its ultimate population. A system-wide parks master plan identifies and prioritizes the needed improvements at each of the existing parks and more fully analyze future needs for parks, recreation, trails, and open space areas. As part of the Lake Dallas Vision 2030 Comprehensive Plan, completed in 2018, Action Item 6.1 was designated to update the Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Master Plan from 2003.

The City of Lake Dallas has partnered with Dunaway & Associates to develop a new Parks, Open Space and Trails Master Plan. The purpose of this master plan is to gather citizen input and create the framework for increased recreational opportunities city-wide and better connectivity to parks, trails and other recreational spaces for all residents. This updated Master Plan will provide residents and community leaders with clear direction for the next 10 - 15 years.

Master Plan Cover

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Masterplan Visioning Session Presentation

Needs Assessment Report