Drainage Utility Program


At the December 9th, 2021 City Council meeting, a public hearing will be held for an ordinance establishing a Municipal Drainage Utility, pursuant to Chapter 552 of the Texas Local Government Code and the proposed drainage utility fees that would be collected, will be utilized for drainage operations only. Inclusive of the proposed ordinance, a drainage fee rate will be proposed for Council to consider. 

The draft ordinance provides that an “ERU” or Equivalent Residential Unit, is the area of impervious coverage on an improved lot or tract that is generally equal to the average impervious area on a single-family property in the City limits. Council is considering a flat fee for all residential properties and a per ERU fee for all other property. Staff has been working with consultants and engineers from Halff Associates, Inc. on developing and implementing a stormwater utility program. The Stormwater Utility fund will provide solutions to improve drainage services throughout the City.

ERU Determination


Total impervious area calculation = home + driveway + sidewalk + shed (or similar addition)

1 ERU = 3,220 sf impervious area (sampled 20 random residential lots within the City of Lake Dallas)


Each property will be charged per ERU.

1 ERU = 3,220 sf impervious area

Along with the ordinance adoption for the program, the monthly fee that City Council is considering is $9.50 per month, to be billed additionally through each property's water bill from LCMUA.