City Manager's Office

Council-Manager Form of Government. The City of Lake Dallas adheres to the Council-Manager form of government, combining the political leadership of the mayor and council with the professional management capabilities of a City Manager. The City Manager, who is appointed by the City Council, oversees the City’s day-to-day operations as Chief Executive Officer of the City and its departments and employees.

City Council Duties

  • Provides representation of the Lake Dallas
  • Enacts policy legislation through ordinances and resolutions
  • Approves the City’s annual budget

City Manager Duties

  • Serves the as chief adviser to the council
  • Prepares and executes the annual budget
  • Implements the Council’s policy decisions
  • Guides the delivery of services to the community
  • Provides vision and leadership to the organization
  • Oversees enforcement of all City ordinances, resolutions, contracts, rules, and regulations
  • Hires, terminates, recruits, and supervises employees

Home Rule

Texas cities fall in one of two categories: home rule or general law. The Texas Municipal League summarizes Texas government best:

  • Home rule cities are cities with populations of more than 5,000 in which citizens have adopted home rule charters. A charter is a document that establishes the city’s governmental structure and provides for the distribution of powers and duties among the various branches of government. To be enacted, the charter must be approved by the citizens at an election. Likewise, changes in the charter must be approved by the voters.
  • The legal position of home rule cities is the reverse of general law cities. Rather than looking to state law to determine what they may do, as general law cities must, home rule cities look to the State Constitution and State Statutes to determine what they may not do. Thus, if a proposed home rule city action has not been prohibited or pre-empted by the State, the city generally can proceed. (Source: TML 2010 Handbook for Mayors and Councilmembers.) 

Lake Dallas is a home rule, municipal corporation of the State of Texas. As a home rule city, Lake Dallas operates under a City Charter. Although the City is still subject to several state and federal laws, the charter enumerates the City’s powers and provides details about its form of government. This includes the administrative and political structure, as well as governing procedures of the City Council and other boards and commissions.

City Secretary

Under the direction of the City Manager, the City Secretary is the public official responsible for the recording, filing, managing, and maintaining all public records of the City as defined by the rules, regulations and statutes of the State of Texas as administered by the Texas Secretary of State. The City Secretary also presides over all City elections, including early voting and attends all meetings of the City Council and various other official meetings of the City and its appointed committees. Her position is responsible for the supervision of the Municipal Court Clerk and Municipal Court activities. The City Secretary performs other work assigned by the City Manager and assists with various duties as necessary.