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In order to become a volunteer for the library, you must fill out a volunteer form and turn it in to City Hall where it will be processed.  All volunteers must be over the age of 16 unless accompanied by a parent/guardian.  If the parent/guardian wishes to volunteer alongside their child, they also must fill out a volunteer form.  Volunteer opportunities are based on need and ability and are contingent on passing a background check.  Volunteer opportunities are not guaranteed with the submission of a volunteer form.  See below for information on possible volunteer positions.  If you still wish to help but are not interested in any of these positions, you mat consider joining the Friends of the Library.  See the other tab for details.

Volunteer / Community Service Application

Volunteer Positions

Shelving Assistant

This position requires the ability to place items in alphabetical or numerical order, as well as to find items throughout the library in order to fill holds or prepare programs.

Shelving Assistants are highly important to the day-to-day operations of the library. Their detailed eye helps keep the shelves in order, thereby making retrieval of items easier on themselves and staff. Their ability to quickly locate items throughout the library allows quicker access to materials for library users and staff alike.

Program Assistant 

This position requires the ability to work patiently with groups of various ages, as well as to help provide instruction to groups when needed.

Program Assistants keep library programs running smoothly so that everyone in attendance has a fun and educational time. Their patience is great for working with large groups of children or adults who may need assistance with the tasks outlined in the program. Their ability to interpret the Program Planning Form and stay on task is extremely helpful if library staff need to assist someone away from the program itself.

Sign up here for shifts and please fill out the application below.

Collection Assistant 

This position requires the ability to spot damaged books and maintain a clean and organized book, audiobook, and movie collection.

Collection Assistants check to ensure the shelves are straightened, damaged books are removed from the shelves, and helps maintain the order of the items by reading spine labels for shelving accuracy. Their attention to detail helps staff keep items orderly, the library welcoming, and the materials in the best possible condition for library users.

Planning Assistant 

This position requires the ability to lift up to 25 pounds, interpret layout drawings, and work collaboratively with staff and other volunteers/community service workers to plan and set up for programs.

Planning Assistants help library staff come up with the ideas for programs and assist with filling out the Program Planning Form. Before the program begins, they set up programs by moving tables, chairs, and other necessary items into place, decorating, and readying crafts or other necessary supplies. This position is great for creative minds.

Training Videos

Shelving Assistant 

Collection Assistant