Texas Solar Switch


Texas Solar Switch is a group-buying program that makes it easy and affordable for homeowners and small businesses to install rooftop solar panels and battery storage.

Residents can secure a discounted price on a rooftop solar installation for their homes or small businesses by coming together as a group.

It is FREE to register online at TexasSolarSwitch.com/LakeDallas, and there is no obligation for homeowners or business owners to purchase solar panels. Lake Dallas residents can move forward with a solar installation based on program-negotiated pricing that includes the group discount.

Texas Solar Switch’s most recent auction is expected to save residents an average of $6,900 on a standard-sized system. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) federal solar tax credit can further reduce costs by an additional 30%.

The deadline to participate in the current program is February 21. Registration for the next program will open at the beginning of May 2023. Lake Dallas residents and small businesses interested in Texas Solar Switch can sign up at TexasSolarSwitch.com/LakeDallas now. 

To sign up for a free online information session, please visit Texas Solar Switch Webinar.

There is no cost or financial benefit to the City of Lake Dallas to make residents aware that this program exists.