Parks Masterplan

Parks, Trails and Open Spaces Masterplan

The City of Lake Dallas has partnered with Dunaway & Associates to develop a new Parks, Trails and Open Spaces Masterplan for the City. The purpose of this masterplan is to gather citizen input and create the framework for increased recreational opportunities city-wide and better connectivity to parks, trails and other recreational spaces for all residents. An updated Parks Masterplan not only provides residents and leaders with clear direction, but also opens the City up to grant funding to turn those plans into reality.

Staff and partners at Dunaway & Associates held two visioning sessions with the public to collect feedback, including a meeting with key stakeholders on August 10, 2021 and Lake Cities residents on August 24, 2021. Feedback gathered during these meetings was instrumental in the creation of a citizen survey, which was circulated both digitally and physically to residents in September. 
To see a full timeline on the creation of this document, and to better understand how this will serve residents, please click on the presentation below: 

Masterplan Visioning Session Presentation

To see results derived from citizen surveys and data gathered from the Masterplan Steering Committee, please click on the presentation below: 

Needs Assessment Report