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This month, check out some new additions to our library from some of our local authors.  For more information on all our local artists and their works, scroll down.

Keka Novales


Keka Novales is a local author.


Website: www.kekanovales.com

Social Media Link: @kekanovales


¡Hola, Lola! Series:

Lola and the New School: When Lola is accepted to a new school, Mama thinks it’s an “excellent opportunity.” Lola isn’t so sure, especially since it means changing schools—in the middle of the school year! She’ll have to say goodbye to her old school and her old friends. Abuelita tries to convince Lola that she can conquer anything, but can Lola handle a new school and a bully all on her own?

Guatemalan Summer: Next stop, Guatemala! Lola is excited to go to Guatemala with Abuelita for a few weeks to learn about her heritage and see her relatives. But when she arrives, things don’t go as planned. Lola’s Spanish isn’t as good as she thought, and she feels out of place. To make things worse, her cousin Luis thinks Lola is a snob. Will Lola find her place and enjoy her new adventures or be stuck feeling homesick?

Dance of the Feathers: Abuelita can't visit Lola for her birthday, so she sends her tickets to see Swan Lake. Lola loves the show so much that she decides she wants to be a ballerina. But ballet is not as easy as it seems. When Lola’s instructor announces they’ll be dancing Swan Lake for their recital, Lola is excited . . . until she learns her role. Rather than a graceful swan, she’ll be a background chicken! Lola must learn she can still be an important part of the show, as long as she’s comfortable in her own feathers.

Bad Luck Lola: Oh no, seven years of bad luck! When Lola cracks a mirror that Abuelita gave her, she isn’t worried . . . at first. After all, superstitions aren’t real. Or are they? When one unlucky thing after another happens, Lola slowly becomes convinced she’s cursed. Will the seven-year superstition come true, or can Lola turn her bad luck around before it’s too late?

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If you ARE a local artist, feel free to reach out to the Lake Dallas Public Library. In order to be featured on our website, please fill out this form and either turn it in at the library during our regular business hours, or email it to lakedallasstaff@lakedallas.com. Include 'local artist' in your subject line.

Local Author's Bookshelf

Eleanore Rosaline Kidnaps a Dragon

All the books featured here are available to be checked out.  Click on the item to follow a link to its page in our online catalog.  You can find them on the shelf or you can place a hold on these items to check out and then pick them up at the front desk when they are available.