Commercial Building Applications

Permits are not valid until the required fees are paid. If applicable, amended permits are not released without paying an additional fee. Any work commencing before a permit is issued is subject to fees being doubled. 

Download: Commercial Building Application

Submitting Permits

Please email all permit applications to Glenda Cowling.

  1. Certificate of Occupancy
  2. Contractor Application
  3. Demolition Permit
  4. Grading - Fill Permit
  5. Health Permit
  6. Mobile Food Permit
  7. Plats 
  8. Sign Permit
  9. Tree Removal
  10. Zoning Application

Every owner or operator of a lodginghouse or boardinghouse shall make application for a certificate of occupancy card. Upon receipt of an application for an occupancy card, an inspection shall be made of the lodginghouse or boardinghouse for which such application has been made; and if the lodginghouse or boardinghouse complies with all of the provisions of this division, the building department shall issue a certificate of occupancy to the applicant. Occupancy certificates shall be renewed annually, and application for renewal shall be made during the two-month period preceding the anniversary date of the previously issued certificate.

Certificates of occupancy shall designate the maximum number of persons who may occupy a lodginghouse or boardinghouse and each lodging unit in the lodginghouse or boardinghouse, and the owner or manager shall designate the room number assigned to each unit.

The operator shall display the certificate of occupancy at all times in a conspicuous place near the main entrance of the lodginghouse or boardinghouse. No person shall alter, tamper or remove any such certificate of occupancy from the lodginghouse or boardinghouse without written permission of the city inspector, who shall keep a duplicate of the certificate in his files.

(Ordinance 193, part 1, § 63, 1985; Code 1989, § 15.12.470; Ordinance 03-23, § 1, 9-25-03)

Download: Certificate of Occupancy Application