Child ID & Fingerprinting Event

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Event Details

  • TBD
  • TBD
  • Lake Dallas City Hall 
    Community Room
    212 Main Street
    Lake Dallas, TX 75065

ID & Fingerprinting Services

Trained Lake Dallas Police Department officers will assist kids in creating an ID card and fingerprint card. The Police Department recommends parents/guardians store these cards with their family’s important documents. The ID card includes a: 

  • Any special considerations
  • Height
  • Name
  • Parent / guardian contact information
  • Photo
  • Weight

The first card is free. All duplicate cards will be $5.00.

Personal Information Disclaimer

The event takes just a few moments and children of any age can participate. Any and all personal information used to make the cards will NOT be shared, recorded or entered into any database. 

ID Card Information Submission

Click HERE to submit information and a photograph for the ID Card. Those who fill out the form before the date of the event will have their cards ready and available and will not need to fill out any additional information on the day of the event.