What happens at court if I am a juvenile (person under the age of 17)?

Juveniles must appear in open Court before the Judge, accompanied by a parent or guardian.  A hearing date will be scheduled and a notice will be mailed to the Juveniles address on your citation.  A court hearing is also required to request Driving Safety Course or Deferred Disposition.  DO NOT MAIL PLEA OR PAYMENT TO THE COURT.  If the juvenile fails to appear, their driver's license may be denied or suspended until they do appear in court with a parent or guardian. Pursuant to HB 2319(h): You and your parent have a legal obligation to provide the Court in writing with your current address and residence.  The obligation does not end when you reach the age of 17.  On or before the seventh day after the date you or your parent changes residence, you or your parent shall notify the Court of the current address by completing a “Juvenile Change of Address” form.  A violation of this requirement may result in arrest and is a Class C misdemeanor punishable by fine up to $500.00.  The obligation terminates only on full discharge and satisfaction of the judgment.

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1. What happens at court if I am a juvenile (person under the age of 17)?
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