1000 Books Before Kindergarten

100 books Before Kindergarten

Accept the challenge issued by the 1000 Books Foundation and help your child become a strong reader by reading to them 1000 books before kindergarten.

More information

Program Instructions from the 1000 Books Foundation

Instrucciones del Programa (Spanish/español)

Lake Dallas Public Library

Enroll your child in our program by following the instructions below.  If you do not want to enroll digitally, scroll down for the paper options.  You can also come to the library and let us know you want to join the program; we can walk you through setting it up.

How it Works: Digital Option

  1. Open/create an account with Read Squared, either online at lakedallas.readsquared.com or through the Read Squared app.  For more detailed instructions, scroll down to how to register. If you have difficulty, come into the library or contact us and we can help set you up.
  2. Sign up for 1000 Books. If you already have a Read Squared account, scroll down below to learn how to add a program.
  3. Log books as you read them or as someone else reads them to your child.
  4. Let the Lake Dallas Library know that you enrolled!  We can make a magnet with your child's name that can be moved around our Children's area as your child progresses.
  5. Earn a badge for every 100 books read.
  6. Earn a certificate for completing 1000 books!
  7. Want to write your log on paper and then bulk add your 100 books later?  See below for how to do the paper option and then contact the library.  We can bulk add your books for you.

Note: Read Squared has more than just logging books.  Create your avatar!  Play games!

You can also participate in 100 Things to Do Before Kindergarten.

  1. In the same account where you log your books for 1000 books, there are 'missions'.  Select missions from the menu and click on one to see its details.  Complete each mission and mark it as complete.  Earn badges.
  2. There are also simple video games that you can play with your child by selecting games from the menu.

How it Works: Paper Option

  1. Visit the library and request a paper copy for the 1000 Books book log.  Alternatively, you can download a book log from one of the links below:
    1-100 books
    101-200 books
    201-300 books
    301-400 books
    401-500 books
    501-600 books
    601-700 books
    701-800 books
    801-900 books
    901-1000 books
  2. Let the Lake Dallas Library know that you are taking on the challenge!  We can make a magnet with your child's name that can be moved around our Children's area as your child progresses.
  3. Earn a certificate for completing 1000 books!
  4. Want to use the paper log but still have access to the 100 Things To Do Before Kindergarten missions?  Create an account with Read Squared following the instructions above and select 'missions' from the menu.  You can also bulk add the number of books you read without logging the titles by contacting the Lake Dallas Library staff.

New to READsquared

Already have a READsquared account?  Skip to 'Add a Program to my READsquared account'.  Otherwise, to register, see below:

  1. Follow the link to the website or download the READsquared app from your app store.
  2. You may need to tell it your library: Lake Dallas Public Library
  3. Whether you are registering your entire family or only yourself, you will first need to register yourself.  We advise parents to create an account and then add children to more easily be able to track everyone using a single username and password.
  4. Enter your age.  If you are an adult and do not wish to share your age, you can enter 'adult' instead.  Choose which program you wish to sign up for.
  5. Enter your first name, last name and email.  
    • Note: If you wish to sign up for more than one program (as in, the same person wants to participate in the summer reading program AND Build a Book Scavenger Hunt), to more easily navigate between them you can add the program name after your last name, such as 'reading' for the summer reading program, or 'scavenger' for the build a book scavenger hunt.  You can change your name after the fact if necessary.
      fill in
  6. Choose a username and password.
  7. Now that your account is created you can add other programs or readers.  To do so, follow the instructions under 'Add a Program to my READsquared account'.

Add a Program to my READsquared Account

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Go to your Account menu and select 'Add Reader or Program'. 
    •  In the website, that is in the upper right corner:read squared options
    • In the App, select the icon in the left menu that looks like a gear, under Home.  You can also expand the menu to see the writing by selecting the arrow at the very top of the menu:
      read squared app options
  3. Select which program you wish to add.
  4. Enter the information for who is doing the program.
    • Age: if it is for an adult who does not care to include an age, you can enter 'adult'.
    • Name: first and last name.  If the person doing the program is doing more than one program, we suggest adding the program's name after the last name to make it easier to navigate between them:
      fill in
    • Username/password: this is not necessary unless the person being added prefers a distinct account.
  5. To switch between programs and/or readers, look under 'Reader Accounts' and select which account you want to access from the drop down menu.  On the website or the app, this is located in the left-hand menu with the person icon, above 'logging'.