Street Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions



Please provide list of streets in order of repair for this election?

  1. Ridgewood St (repair three large failures)
  2. Harbourtown Dr. (repair several large failures)
  3. Shore Dr. (repair flex base patch)
  4. Thompson Dr. (repairs needed on edges)
  5. Wilson and Nick St (road edge repairs)
  6. West Main St (road edge repairs)
  7. Lakeway/Lake Highlands (repair failures)
  8. Cain/Lakeway (repair failures)
  9. Harbourtown/Lake Highlands (repair failures)
  10. Willow Grove Park (several failure repairs)
  11. Julian St. (repair failures)
  12. Addison St. (various repairs needed)
  13. Falcon St.  (edge repairs and culvert failure)
  14. Dobbs Road
  15. Morris St (culvert failure)
  16. Carlisle and Main St. (asphalt strip repair)
  17. End of Lakeland Rd (repair failure)
  18. Betchan Ave. and Alamo (repair failure)
  19. Myers Dr. (edge repairs needed)
  20. Lake Dallas Drive (patch repairs)
  21. Boliver and Texas Dr. (edge repairs needed)
  22. Alamo/Sycamore – (culvert failure)

Will there be sidewalks added to existing or repaired roads?

The Street Maintenance Sales and Use Tax will not allow the use of the collected sales tax to be used on sidewalks.  The City would need to look at additional funding for sidewalks.

How does the City know which roads to fix roads first?

On December 8, 2016, the City held a town hall meeting to identify and prioritize streets that needed to be reconstructed and/or repaired. Please see below for the Street Survey that resulted from that meeting. I understand that at that meeting the participants assigned ratings to what they thought were the condition of the streets. The City has not contracted with an engineering company to do a complete Overall Condition Index (OCI) of our streets, probably because of the cost associated with doing such a analysis. However, staff is working off of the street survey, and in fact in Sept. 2017 council approved the reconstruction of Oak Lake Street from Addison Street to Hillcrest Street, and Prince Drive from Overly Drive to the southern end of Prince Dive. These Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) were properly bid and the total cost for their reconstruction was just under $210,000. Staff is considering other streets that fall in the D/F rating to determine which might be recommended to council for the next CIP program.

Street Survey Page 1
Street Survey Page 2
Street Survey Page 3
Street Survey Page 4
Street Survey Page 5

Will the main throughways be repaired?

At the November 9, 2017 city council meeting, staff presented some options for the reconstruction of Shady Shores Road, from Swisher Road south to Hundley. One option was also presented that would extend the reconstruction all the way south to Main St. Staff was directed by council to research funding options for Shady Shores for option 4 and 5, the “complete” street concepts (see attached). On January 18, 2018, Mayor Barnhart, Mayor Pro Tem Nolan and I met with Denton County Commissioner Bobbie Mitchell to discuss the possibility of her support to place this project in the next Denton County Bond. Commissioner Mitchell was supportive of the project and is considering it for inclusion in the next county bond package. In the meantime, The City is working with the County on an Interlocal Cooperative Agreement for general maintenance support and surface repairs to Shady Shores from Hundley to Main Street, and for Lake Dallas Drive from Hundley to Carslisle.

Also, since 2016, the City has been working with the Town of Shady Shores and Denton County to develop options to mitigate the flooding of Shady Shores Drive, north of Swisher Road into the Town of Shady Shores. Often referred to as the Shady Shores Road Bridges Project, this section has three low spots, one in Shady Shores, one in Lake Dallas and one in the unincorporated section of the county. When this section of the road floods it must be closed and causes mobility and public safety issues for the region. The scope of this project is to raise the road at the three low points in order to mitigate the flooding issues. The project is currently estimated to cost around $14 million, and the majority of the funding will come from pass through federal funding. This is a required twenty percent (20%) local match, which Denton County has pledged to fund. There is also the cost for "pre-construction" work (pre-engineering to devise final plans), which is estimated at 10% of total projected budget of about $1.44 million that the City of Lake Dallas and Town of Shady Shores will be responsible for. The project funding request has been submitted to the Federal Highway Administration for their consideration and we may know if we have been approved as early as November 2018. Street Maintenance Sales Tax funds could be used towards this project.

What streets will be repaired if this is passed? And why wasn’t the money from the first tax that was passed not used to repair the streets that are the most trafficked in the city, i.e. Shady Shores? 

See above answers to question #1 and #4.  Below is the estimate for several options to repair/replace Shady Shores Road.

Shady Shores Road Improvement Options

The following is a breakdown of projects and the expenses associated with each project:

 In 2018, we have reconstructed Oak Lake and Price Drive.  The following is a breakdown of the expense:

                        Oak Lake                  $  99,239.60
                        Prince Drive              $  80,390.00
                        Engineering              $  12,886.58
                                    Total:             $192,516.18

In 2017-2018, we have repaired and patched various city streets.   The City has spent $3,004.15 on blacktop patching supplies. 

The City has purchased the following equipment to repair streets:

            F550 Dump Truck                $57,547.00
            Street Roller                         $17,307.42
                                    Total:             $74,854.42
Additional projects that have been completed are as follows:

Beck Street $81,770.60
**Harbortown $41,211.00
**Main Street $14,978.00
Overly Drive $  1,650.00
Bluff $  4,131.00
Thousand Oaks $  2,450.00

**Denton County provided assistance**