Complaint Against Police Officer or Employee

The Lake Dallas Police Department is committed to providing quality police services to the citizens and visitors to the City of Lake Dallas.  However, there may be occasions in which the actions of a member of the department may cause a complaint to be made.  There are several ways in which complaints against police employees can be addressed:

An on-duty supervisor can be contacted during business hours at 940-497-2228, or a supervisor can be reached after business hours by calling dispatch at 940-349-1600 and selecting option 9.  This will allow you to address your concerns with the on-duty supervisor and the supervisor will take appropriate follow up actions.  Often times complaints are a result of a misunderstanding of policy or procedure, and speaking to a supervisor can be helpful.

For more serious complaints, or for those circumstances where a verbal complaint is not sufficient, a formal written complaint can be made.  To make a formal complaint, please click on the link below.  Formal complaints are required by law to be in writing and signed by the person making the complaint.  A notarized complaint form is desirable, but not necessary.  An Internal Affairs supervisor will investigate formal complaints.

Racial profiling by officers is strictly prohibited by the Lake Dallas Police Department.  Complaints alleging racial profiling are accepted and investigated in the same manner as other complaints.

For formal complaint, please visit the following link: