Mayor of Lake Dallas

Special Message - July 16, 2021 

Dear Fellow Citizens,

We are only halfway through July and Lake Dallas has received quite a bit of attention already this month.   

We started off with our annual Fourth of July celebration.  After missing our celebration last year due to Covid restrictions, it was nice to feel normal again while we spent time with our family and friends celebrating our great country.   Our city park was packed with people from all over enjoying the perfect weather, live music, great food, vendor booths, and our usual impressive fireworks show.  All of the planning and hard work that the city staff put into making this event special for the community really paid off.

As you may be aware, there has been much conversation in the community recently when a statement was released after our city council meeting announcing that Lake Dallas is considering a study to look into what shared services with the Corinth PD would look like. This is only an exploration; decisions have not yet been made.  I’d like to first apologize for the concern that the release of this statement has caused.  The information discussed and released was limited, so understandably it brought up many questions about what this means for your safety and the future of our Lake Dallas Police Department.  Staff was given the nod to move forward to work this proposal into the budget and work on an ILA in the event we move forward. Should we choose not to go with the study at all, this will impact our budget and staff will need to account for the expense of adding a new Chief of Police into our budget.

The July 22 city council meeting will be when the public and city council receives a presentation about what this proposal fully includes. This is when we will decide if we will move forward and enter into an ILA with Corinth and conduct a feasibility study that will last 12 to 18 months or not.  If Lake Dallas should decide NOT to share services with Corinth, we will hire a Chief of Police and continue as usual.

I strongly encourage Lake Dallas citizens to attend this city council meeting so that you will hear the details of what is being considered. Please contact your council members with any questions or concerns you may have. Although we may not have enough information to give you an answer until we hear the full presentation ourselves, your questions can help us in the discussion. Our email addresses are below:

Also, did you know you can see and download the entire meeting packet council receives on our website? From the city homepage go to: Government, Agendas and Meetings, scroll down to City Council, find the date of the meeting, under the date you will see City Council Regular Meeting Packet, click on download.  Generally, the agenda is posted the week of the council meeting.

The July 22, 2021 Council Meeting will begin at 5:30 pm due to the many items to be discussed on the agenda and the Budget Work Session will follow.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you at the June 22 council meeting.

Kind regards,

Mayor Andi Nolan
City of Lake Dallas