Mayor of Lake Dallas

Special Message - October 19, 2021

Fellow Citizens,

I wanted to respond to the ending of the feasibility study between Lake Dallas and Corinth Police Departments. Regardless of which department initiated it first, both departments quickly realized that it was time to part ways and end the study. This decision was indeed mutual. I strongly disagree with what was implied by the statements made by Corinth as to why this did not work out.  

Lake Dallas PD has a culture of community policing and support. The positive changes in the Lake Dallas PD over the years have been supported and recognized by the officers and citizens that they protect. While Lt. Alan Sawyer has been interim Chief, our police officers have continued honoring the best practices and policies established under our previous Chief of Police. Our city stands behind our fine officers regardless of the fact that the study was not successful.

Lake Dallas is full of hard working, community-minded people that support each other and our first responders. We are blessed to have police officers that treat us with respect, respond with professionalism and courtesy, and  will continue to keep our city safe. 


Mayor Andi Nolan

Archived message from September 30, 2021

Archived message from July 16, 2021