Residential Building Applications

A permit is not valid until the required fees have been paid. If applicable, amended permits are not released without paying an additional fee. Any work commencing before a permit is issued is subject all fees being doubled.

Download: Residential Permit Application

Submitting Permits

Please email all permit applications to Glenda Cowling.

  1. Contractor Application
  2. Garage Sale Permit
  3. Grading-Fill Permit
  4. Plats
  5. Tree Removal
  6. Zoning Application

Required. No person shall engage in the business of contracting for the building, altering or demolishing of a structure within the city unless such person holds a valid, unexpired license as specified in this section. This includes installing, altering or repairing any electrical or plumbing work.

Application; fee. Applications for licenses as a contractor, electrician, plumber shall be made upon a form furnished by the building inspector. Before the applicant is issued a license, the applicant shall pay to the city a license fee.

Expiration; renewal. No license shall be issued for more than one year, and such license may be renewed from year to year upon application by the holder of such license. All licenses shall expire on December 31 of each year unless sooner revoked. Licenses shall be renewed before January 1 each year thereafter, upon payment of an annual renewal fee.

Experience required: 

Master electrician. The applicant for a master electrician license shall have five years’ experience as a journeyman electrician and provide proof of successful testing with a passing grade at a qualified testing establishment.

Journeyman. The applicant for a journeyman license shall have four years’ experience as an electrician’s helper and provide proof of successful testing with a passing grade at a qualified testing establishment.

(Ordinance 89-12, § 1; Code 1989, § 15.04.025; Ordinance 96-05, § 1, 4-11-96; Ordinance 03-22, § 1, 9-25-03)

Download: Contractor Registration Application